Happy Mother’s Day 2020: Read out

According to the name denotes, Mother’s Day is a celebrated for the mother of the family. No words can describe her relentless and motivational contribution towards the growth and well- being of her children.  Truly it can be said that just one day is not enough to pay tribute, honour and express feelings for her. It also seems good that people come in support for her on this occasion of this day and expresses love.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on second Sunday of the month of May every year. Also, it is celebrated in many countries around the world. This year the celebration date is May 10. It is believed Mothers’ Day was celebrated first in the US and the year was 1908.

Well, you should always appreciate the efforts of your mother and thank her for everything she has done of you. We all are here because of our mothers it also describes the importance of mother. The RPMIHS family appeals you all to make your mother feel very special today and let her know that today is her day.  

Thanks & Regards,
School Family

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